Excellent collection of articles about ecology, foodsecurity, new strategies, very inspiring and wideranging!

affordable electric assist pedalpowered covered autonomous transport, has potential for a low impact delivery vehicle, and even a small RV!

Lessons learned from Monsterstorm Sandy:

The Great Turning:

another perspective on the new economy;

Deep ecology,

Experiential deep ecology, preparing for the Great Turning, Joanne Macy offers so much!

The transition town movement:

Food Security:

permaculture is a good starting point:

here is an active forum:

and various newsletters, american centres, at;

on healthy soil:

urban farming how to;  create, feed  soil, with compost, vermiculture, turn lawn into rich soil, without rototilling, digging,  with lasagna layers of organic matter sheet mulched!  all kinds of practical advice for no work mulched urban farming!

welcoming wild and solitary pollinators;

hosting your own orchard bees, how to build nesting sites;

close encounters with insects, flowers, amzing biodiversity, a flickr macro photo group, here;

bee feast

urban farming, winterhardy veggies, pollinators;

kale can take the winter snow and cold

sustainable energy, housing

building your own;

short articles on many strategies to reduce carbonfootprint;

photo gallery of  inspiring solar design:

Photopool of green architecture:

Solar Lumber Kiln

On the importance of thermal mass  in passive solar and  natural  summer cooling:

promising tech news around carbon reduction:


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