Welcome to the first collaborative website for Dragon Dreaming in North America!

Dragon Dreaming Canada holds regular meetings every first Saturday of the month in the Shadford Centre, Main ST accross library, in Penticton.

Participants in the Introduction to Dragon Dreaming, Dragon Dreaming Intensive and Empowered Fundraising held in September 2012 are invited to reconnect.

The mission statement is described by John Croft  himself;

Our interlocking crises are a deep message, as if the Earth itself is telling us slow learners, to “wake up” to who and what we really are. Breakdown or breakthrough!
Solving the global problematique will take all of us – literally. It will take every person making a difference, and it will take us all discovering that our human potential is not only bigger than we know, it is bigger than we dream in our wildest fantasies. We have skills and abilities that we don’t even know we don’t know. And the Great Turning will
take us all to liberate these potentials. Our journey as a species is far from over, although
the risks of our ecocide are growing daily more deadly. But how are we to liberate such
pure and dazzling creativity? To liberate our potential, and grow our humanity, the world
is setting us a task. Mitigate, adapt or die. We can meet or fail this challenge, but as I said above, to meet it will take all of us, in ways we cannot yet imagine.
The answer is therefore simple. If we can encourage sufficient numbers of ordinary men
and women to undertake many millions of small projects, and ensure that their experience of these projects is successful, then these people will be enthused and excited to undertake something more, something bigger, and we might just make the added difference needed. But how do we do this?
At every Dragon Dreaming workshop I have run I say that my task as a facilitator is to
unleash the buried and hidden creative energy of the group. Building community is always the second objective of any Gaia Project.
John Croft


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